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Project Adapt

This study is a 6-month study. All participants will use a 3-month online weight loss program and a new smartphone app that provides in-the-moment, personalized support for meeting the dietary recommendations for weight loss.

Study Type
Weight loss study
Study Purpose
The goal of this study is to test an exciting new smartphone app (the Project Adapt app) that provides in-the-moment support to help individuals meet the dietary recommendations for weight loss. The app uses machine learning technology to get to know you, and provide you with suggestions BEFORE you might slip from your diet. Specifically, we are testing what types of suggestions are most effective during your times of highest risk. There is no “control” or “placebo” group in this study – everyone receives the app and the 3-month weight loss program!
Study Design

Interested participants will be asked to attend an orientation to learn more about the study and to ask questions, which can be complete either in-person or remotely. Eligible individuals who wish to participate will be given access to the online weight loss program and Project Adapt smartphone app for the 6-month study duration. They will be asked to attend a baseline assessment visit, a 3-month assessment visit, and a final assessment visit at month 6. During these visits we will collect weight data and information about your eating and activity habits, you will be asked to wear a watch-like activity sensor on your wrist for 2 weeks at each assessment period.

Study Requirements
To be eligible, individuals must be overweight/obese (BMI: 25-50 kg/m2), between the ages of 18-70, and have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.
Study Duration
6 Months
Study Benefits
You will receive a 3-month behavioral weight loss program which will provide you with tools and knowledge for improving eating and exercise habits. You will test a cutting-edge smartphone tool that has been shown to help individuals stick with their eating plan. You will also be compensated for using the smartphone app and completing assessment visits.
Study Contact

To learn more about this study and to see if you are eligible to participate, call Jill Eisel at 401-793-8283 or email her at jeisel@lifespan.org.. You can also complete a screening questionnaire directly on our study website at https://projectadaptstudy.org/#/home.





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