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Research at the Center is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other independent funding agencies. This page is updated with recently funded grants awarded to Center investigators.

Date Title Investigator NIH Link Sponsor
April, 2019 Packaging and Disseminating the JOIN for ME Program in Low-Income Settings Dr. Jelalian CDC
April, 2019 Executive Functioning, Weight Trajectories, and Loss of Control Eating in Children with Overweight/Obesity: A Prospective Study Dr. Goldschmidt NHLBI
June, 2019 Rapid Evaluation of Innovative Intervention Components to Maximize the Health Benefits of Behavioral Obesity Treatment Delivered Online: An Application of Muliphase Optimization Strategy Dr. Thomas Link NIDDK
April, 2018 Prevention of Gestational Diabetes through Lifestyle Modification Before Pregnancy (GDPP) Dr. Wing / Suzanne Phelan Link NICHD
August, 2018 Training in Cardiovascular Behavioral & Preventative Medicine (CVD T32) Drs. Wing & Thomas Link NIH
August, 2018 Meal Time Interactions and Risk of Obesity in Toddlers (Meal Time) Dr. Wing Link NIH
August, 2018 Applying Novel Passive Sensing Technology to Target Adherence to Diet in Behavioral Obesity Treatment for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Risk (Lapse Measurement) Dr. Goldstein Link NHLBI
July, 2018 Developing a Protocol to Measure Infant Responsiveness to Food Cues (Infant Food Cues)) Dr. Jelalian Hassenfeld
July, 2018 Long-Term Impact of Random Assignment to Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: The Action for Health in Diabetes ADRD Study Dr. Wing Wake Forest
May, 2018 RINLC Neural Substrates of Context-Dependent Working Memory in Youth with Overweight/Obesity and Loss of Control Eating (Working Memory) Dr. Goldschmidt New Frontiers Award
May, 2018 Memory Bias of Affective Response to Physical Activity: A Novel Intervention Target for Increasing Physical Activity (PA & Affect Recall) Drs. Demos & Unick Advanced CTR
September, 2018 Examination of the Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Yoga as an Intervention Approach to Improve Long-Term Weight Loss (Yoga & Weight Loss) Dr. Unick Link NIDDK
February, 2018 Optimization and Evaluation of a Tailored Behavioral eHealth/mHealth Weight Loss Intervention for Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients Using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST Cardiac Rehab) Dr. C. Goldstein Link NHLBI
August, 2017 Peer Support for Weight Loss Maintenance (Peer Support) Dr. Unick NIDDK
September, 2017 A Sleep Hygiene Intervention to Improve Sleep Quality in Urban, Latino Middle School Children (Sleep Hygiene) Dr. Jelalian RIH
September, 2017 A Novel Behavioral Approach for the Adoption and Maintenance of Habitual Physical Activity (EVOLVE) Dr. Lillis Link NIDDK
September, 2017 Pragmatic Trial of Technology-Supported Behavioral Obesity Treatment in the Primary Care Setting: A Multiphase Effectiveness and Implementation Hybrid Design (Rx WL) Drs. Wing & Thomas Link NIDDK
September, 2017 Mobile Health (mHealth) Nutrition Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism Diet Study) Dr. Thomas /Tanja Kral Link NICHD
August, 2016 Enhancing Emotion Regulation among Overweight and Obese Adolescents Attempting to Lose Weight (Emotional Regulation) Dr. Jelalian / Wendy Hadley Link NIDDK
April, 2016 Psychosocial, Immunological, and Biobehavioral Benefits of Stress Management Interventions for Chronic Diseases: Comprehensive Systematic Review and Meta Analysis (Stress Management) Dr. Wing / Lori Scott-Sheldon Link CBPM
July, 2016 Risk Profiles and Mechanisms of Disease in Maltreated Children (Longitudinal F/U) Dr. Jelalian / Audrey Tyrka Link NICHD
July, 2016 Evaluation and Enhancement of the Summer Food Program in Youth from an Urban, Low-Resource Community (SFSP) Dr. Evans Link NIDDK
June, 2016 Neurodevelopmental Substrates of Emotion Regulation in Obese, Binge Eating Youth (Mood Regulation) Dr. Goldschmidt Link NIDDK
March, 2016 Assessing the Effect of the Enhanced Summer Food Service Program on the Health of School Children (PHAST) Drs. Wing & Jelalian Hassenfeld
September, 2016 Post-Surgical Predictors of Depression and Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) Dr. Bond / Scott Engel Link NIDDK
September, 2016 Mechanisms that Predict Weight Trajectory after Bariatric Surgery: The Interactive Roles of Behavior and Biology (Microbiome) Dr. Bond / Kristine Steffen Link NIDDK
September, 2015 Study of Novel Approaches to Weight Gain Prevention – Extension (SNAP-E) Dr. Wing Link NIH
December, 2014 Cross-Study Analysis of Coordinated Randomized Clinical Trials for Weight Management (EARLY Study) Dr. Wing / Steven Belle Link UNC
July, 2014 Exercise as a Buffer Against Stress-Induced Eating (Exercise and Stress) Dr. Unick Link NIDDK
September, 2013 Using Novel Behavioral Approaches to Improve Long-Term Weight Loss Outcomes (ACT K Study) Dr. Lillis Link NIDDK
September, 1999 12/16 Action for Health in Diabetes Extension Study Research (Look AHEAD-Ext) Dr. Wing Link NIH



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