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2015 Brown University Mind Brain Research Day

We are proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of the following WCDRC trainees and research assistants to the 2015 Brown University Mind Brain Research Day. Click a poster to see a larger image.

Katie Becofsky

Katie Becofsky, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow
Methodology for the FosterFitTM Pilot Study: A Feasibility Study of a Foster-Dog-Centered Wellness Program

Causey Dunlap

Causey Dunlap, B.S. – Research Assistant
Future Time Perspective in Obesity and Weight Loss

Carly Goldstein

Carly Goldstein, M.A. – Clinical Psychology Resident
Use of Digital Health Technology Among the Successful Weight Loss Maintainers of the National Weight Control Registry Compared to National Norms

Anna Luke

Anna Luke, B.S. – Research Assistant
Relation Between Omega Fatty Acid Consumption and Mood Among Individuals Seeking Behavioral Weight Loss

Lisa Ranzenhofer

Lisa Ranzenhofer, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow
Binge and Loss of Control Eating Among Adolescent Patients at an Outpatient Weight Control Clinic: Prevalence and Impact on Attrition and Treatment Outcome

Sam Williams

Sam Williams, M.Sc. – Research Assistant
Effects of Partial Sleep Restriction on Inhibitory Control Performance



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